Customer Service

We care not only about our hats but also about what’s beneath it: you. That’s why our customer service is just as reliable and comfortable as our Boinas. Fast shipping,
hassle-free returns and a quick response time is part of what you get with Jipijapa.

How to take care of your Boina

A Boina that you take care of is a happy Boina. Which means longer lasting happiness
for you:

  • Wear your Boina only during nice weather as rain could deform it.
  • If the straw is getting too dry, spray it with a bit of clean water.
  • Do not store it in direct sunlight. Keep it in a humid place such as the bathroom or basement. That way, it will keep its vibrant colors for a longer time.
  • To clean it, use a little water, natural soap and a soft white cotton cloth.

Find your hat size

1. Put the measuring tape around your head, about one centimeter above your ears
2. Gently tighten the measuring tape around your head without applying pressure 
3. Read the circumference off the tape and round up to the nearest centimeter

Tip: Having someone else helping you makes it even easier

Shipping & Delivery

All orders received before 2pm (Mon.-Fri.) will be shipped the same day. Learn more


If your Boina is too small, too big or otherwise not a good fit, we’ll take the unused hat back with no problem. Learn more

Terms & Conditions

We are a small, down-to-earth and decent company and don’t try to bamboozle you with overlong paragraphs in legalese. Of course, you can still read the general terms and conditions. if you don’t have anything better to do.

Any questions or feedback?

If you write me on a weekday, I will answer you within an hour. Contact us